FSM-2: 3U 2 TB Flash Storage Module with FIPS 140-2

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  • 4 x internal solid state SATA drives 
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Encryption 
  • Easy removal, no wedge locks
  • 100K insertion cycle connector 
  • 4 x front panel indicators 
  • 3 x AES-256 key zeroize methods 


  • Direct attached storage for embedded computers
  • Transportable rugged storage
  • Protection of Data-at-rest (DAR)
  • Quick data off-load to ground station
  • Moving map upload to vehicle
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Curtiss-Wright’s Flash Storage Module 2 (FSM-2) provides 2 TB of rugged, removable storage with the assurance of FIPS 140-2 validation. In a 1” pitch 3U format, the FSM-2 can lower schedule and technical risk for deployed storage applications providing a commercial off the shelf (COTS) storage solution that meets the rigorous scrutiny of FIPS 140-2. 

The FSM-2 provides direct-attached SATA storage for embedded computers in 3U architectures without the need to worry about drivers, operating systems, or processor types. If the processor supports SATA, then the FSM-2 can store the data. An FSM-2 can be embedded into mission computers, sensor processors, mission recorders, instrumentation recorders, and network file servers (like Curtiss-Wright’s Compact Network Storage 2-Slot with Compact Network Storage (CNS2-FC) product). With industrial temperature MLC NAND Flash, the FSM-2 meets the demands of the most rugged, deployed applications.

The 3U form factor is extremely popular for size, weight and power (SWaP)-constrained, deployed systems. With a wide set of 3U COTS products like chassis, single board computers, and digital signal processors available, the FSM-2 supplements these systems with removable direct attached storage for the processors. With an FSM-2 in the 3U chassis, one processor can use the four available disks or four processors can each use one of the disks. This means that each processor does not have to have its own storage thus reducing system SWaP. With the unique feature of FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, the FSM-2 protects sensitive data in deployed systems. Additionally, the collected data can be quickly removed and taken to a ground station for post mission analysis.

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