High Viscosity Pumping

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Material The main components of the pump are made of special cast iron and steel. Rotors, rotor bushing and the cover are specially "machine tool" hardened.
Mounting Horizontal
Driving component An electric motor fitted with a flexible coupling (both supplied as additional items). A pulley or geared drive is available on request.
Driving component Size of pump: SUP 32, 38, 45 right*
Size of pump: SUP 52, 60 left*
* when viewed from the drive shaft end
Working pressure Maximum working pressure of the pumped medium:15 bar
Short-time maximum pressure:30 bar
Heating jacket (steam or water):5 bar
Viscosity range Normal operating are 500 - 22,800 cSt
Depends on the pumped medium, speed of rotation, pressure and input pipe work layout - Viscosities up to 200,000 cSt may be possible.
Pump capacity See performance table
Normal operating speed range Normal operating speed range 500 - 1,500 min-1*
* depending on the condition of the pumped medium viscosity, pump size, input pipe work, etc.
Absolute suction height Maximum 0.7 bar*
* when the pump is in "flooded" condition and the pumped medium has low viscosity.
For mediums with high viscosity, positive pressure of supply is required.


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A high-viscosity screw pump that is ideal for smoothly dispensing paste-like substances such as chocolate mixtures, cream, fat, licorice, oil, and syrup at high pressure.

Bring Unrivalled Quality and Endurance to the Food Production Industry

  • Food manufacturing industry certification ensures that the pump meets food processing machinery requirements
  • Unique pump rotor design enables a constant, even flow at high pressure to improve product consistency and taste
  • Highly robust design and reliable components ensure this pump is built to last for decades

Pump Up Business

Branch out with a fluid pump that is built to handle the toughest fluid delivery requirements for a very long time:

  • Explore opportunities to work with new substances with a food-industry-certified pump that can smoothly deliver fluids that are thicker and more challenging to dispense
  • Expand and improve product offerings with an adjustable delivery flow that meets almost any requirement
  • Reduce costs and maintenance headaches with a robust mechanical design that is well-known in the food production industry for its extraordinarily long lifespan

Find a Better Flow

Smooth away dispensing challenges on the production floor with extreme precision at high pressure:

  • Increase efficiency with highly accurate distribution of high-viscosity fluids
  • Improve consistency, appearance, and taste with a remarkably constant, even flow of fluids
  • Maximize output with continuous, high-pressure fluid dispensing

The ideal solution when a paste-like medium needs to be dispersed at high pressure, our high viscosity screw pump is certified for food manufacture in accordance with the Declaration of Conformity for food processing machinery. Its barrel, nozzle and mold can be used in the chocolate and cream making process.

  • Dispenses high viscosity fluids accurately
  • High working pressure and maximum output
  • Continuous, balanced, adjustable delivery flow within a dynamic range of viscosity and range
  • Developed for process engineering
  • Robust pump solutions for food and chemical industry

High viscosity pump diagram

The SUP screw pump is comprised of three rotors: a center rotor, which is driven by a drive shaft, and two idling side rotors driven by the center rotor. These rotors are encased in a closely fitting rotor bush. Interlocking the rotors creates sealed chambers through which the pumped media is conveyed.

When the center rotor is rotated by the drive shaft, these sealed chambers receive the medium to be pumped at the suction side of the pump and convey it in an even stream to the delivery side, at which point it is subjected to the system pressure for the application.

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