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Osiris Dual Channel Radar Interface

Osiris Dual Channel Radar Interface

Osiris is a high-performance, dual-channel radar interface board that accepts and processes analog and digital radar signals and provides a PCI interface to applications. Osiris comes from a long...

Radar Video Processor (RVP)

Radar Video Processor (RVP)

Radar Video Processor (RVP) is a family of high-performance radar acquisition, tracking and distribution servers that are designed to address a broad range of radar processing requirements, from...


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Military Radar and Video Systems

Curtiss-Wright's radar video systems, offer complete radar video processing and display systems for deployment in naval platforms and ground-based installations.

The two primary system types are:

Radar Video Processor: Acquires, digitizes and processes video from a wide variety of baseband radars. The data can be subsequently distributed to networked consoles, recorded, and processed to identify plots and tracks.

Radar Display System: Receives radar data from an RVP and renders the video using high quality scan conversion algorithms.

The Radar Video Processor (RVP) product family spans a wide range of capabilities and applications, from radar video servers to full auto-tracking solutions for naval, air traffic control and vessel traffic applications.

Curtiss-Wright’s rich experience in developing open-architecture solutions brings clear advantages to our radar acquisition and processing systems, which are based on proven industry standards such as VMEbus and PCI bus.  Our integrated software modules are compatible with industry-standard operating systems and computing platforms, ensuring that they can be upgraded and maintained throughout their operating life.

Curtiss-Wright offers a range of radar applications:

  • Radar Video Distribution Enabling primary radar video to be received in a central location and distributing it to client displays across a standard Ethernet-based local area network (LAN).
  • Radar Video Acquisition Receiving radar video from a Curtiss-Wright radar input card or network interface. The signals are processed to generate integrated digital data to be analyzed later. This supports an extensive range of radar input types such as ACP/ARP, Synchro, RADDS, ASDE-3 and various parallel and serial azimuth formats.
  • Radar Video Compression Using Curtiss-Wright’s RACE radar coding scheme to compress radar data, based on a one-dimensional variable length encoder. Parameters of the RACE compression may be adjusted to balance network bandwidth usage with data loss.
  • Network Distribution Using standard network technologies and protocols to send radar video and receive control commands by way of the RVP Radar Video Distribution server. Typical configurations can use 10/100/1000Base-T networks to send encoded radar video as multicast UDP packets over Ethernet. This allows any number of workstations on the network to receive the video.
  • Client Displays – Using software and hardware modules to decompress and scan-convert network radar video on each client console. Application software running on the client can then access this data for processing or display.
  • Radar Display Technology Providing advanced display clarity that accurately reproduces the characteristics of a PPI, Bscan or Ascan radar display. Curtiss-Wright’s range of radar solutions accepts radar video in analog or digital format. It is capable of converting from polar to raster for display on numerous screen types with resolutions up to 2K x 2K.
  • Radar Video Recording Accepting multiple radar video network streams from RVP servers and storing these streams on local or network-accessible remote storage.  The software maintains a database of radar video recordings, and supports archiving of specified file sets to permanent media.

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