Finding I/O modules to integrate into your real-time, mission-critical systems can be difficult. You need fast and reliable movement of information between the various elements in your interconnected system. Not only that but, your programs are long-term, and you need assured long-term availability to keep them in top shape for years, if not decades.

Our sensor I/O product family includes rugged, high-performance solutions to support intelligent analog I/O for frequency and time domain applications, as well as digital I/O. These modules are designed to deliver optimal performance in extreme temperature and vibration conditions. What’s more, they easily integrate with Curtiss-Wright’s broad selection of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) boards, and are supported by our life cycle services to keep your systems delivering for the long haul.

Analog I/O, Digital Transceivers & Receivers

Many mission critical applications require smaller form-factor solutions, but cannot compromise ruggedization requirements or I/O and processing performance. Our VPX, XMC, PMC and FMC module-based sensor I/O solutions are designed to handle the toughest operating environments while packing maximum functionality in a minimal physical footprint.

Our selection of analog I/O, digital transceivers, and receivers includes I/O for frequency and time domain applications, as well as digital I/O. Interoperable with our range of SBC, FPGA, and GPGPU modules, these highly engineered cards are designed to simplify integration and let you focus on your application, not low-level connectivity.

Digital I/O

Curtiss-Wright digital I/O cards include interfaces to LVDS, Camera Link, Serial, CANbus, and customizable I/O. Built leveraging our decades of experience producing highly rugged COTS signal acquisition hardware, our PMC, XMC, and PC/104 modules are designed to perform reliably in the toughest operating environments. Offerings include a range of rugged digital I/O board level and system solutions designed to operate in extreme of temperature and vibration conditions.


We provide a line of MIL-STD-1553 rugged XMC and PMC interfaces, designed to incorporate MIL-STD-1553 into military and aerospace embedded computing systems where carrier cards support either XMCs or PMCs. With both air-cooled and conduction-cooled boards, these products can be applied to a variety of military and aerospace applications. We also offer a MBX1553 Multiplex Bus Switch with up to 16 ports.

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