US military ranges need to replace L/S band telemetry equipment with C-band variants in the near future to meet new regulations. Replacing this equipment might require some installation effort that costs time and money. There is always a risk purchasing from any supplier because of tight deadlines and unknown quality issues. Added to this is the risk of losing telemetry capabilities if there are any problems while testing the new technology. C-Band has a wider bandwidth and can provide more frequency channels, but it requires more power – an issue for platforms with restrictive power budgets. Some aircraft will need extra hardware to make transmitters FCC compliant such as isolators..

Many C-Band products are available now and many of these can be swapped with existing equipment without any significant aircraft modification. Some equipment support multi-band modes that allow C-Band to be deployed with the assurance that L/S are available if required. A reliable supplier will be able to de-risk a program by paying attention to the impact of changes to equipment such as the enhanced need for power efficient designs for C-Band or requiring special filters for FCC compliant transmissions.

Curtiss-Wright has a range of C-Band products that are ready for delivery now that are often a simple plug and play replacement. We manufacture transmitters, transponders, transceivers, receivers, re-radiation systems, antennas and ground support hardware & software. Many of these are multi-band so that L/S and C-band can function from one unit. Our established quality systems and proven reliability help de-risk your program. Our power efficient designs and features (e.g. inbuilt filters for transmitters) ensure the solutions are compact and compatible.

Moving to C-Band now has a host of benefits including becoming compliant with new regulations in a timely manner. Using a reliable supplier with rigorous quality processes helps ensure robust products are delivered on time while multimode equipment helps lower the risk. Low power designs minimize extra power required by C-Band over L/S while compact lower power design simplifies installation and optimize space.

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