Flight test campaigns typically operate within very compressed timeframes, and delays can lead to expensive additional flights and excessive overtime for engineers. It’s not unusual for requirements to change during a campaign, and this can take significant amounts of time due to complex installation of equipment and wiring. Data must be captured reliably no matter what, otherwise expensive additional flights could result.
Risk can be lowered by using proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems that allow for rapid reconfiguration when requirements change. Working with an experienced expert partner helps to ensure your system meets your requirements and data is delivered reliably. Strong support lowers risk when the inevitable unknown issues arise.

Future Proof Flight Test Instrumentation

Curtiss-Wright is the leader in designing and manufacturing a wide range of cutting-edge COTS flight test products with the capability to customize offerings when required. These include 

Our comprehensive portfolio means we can provide a total system solution that helps remove integration issues. Our decades of experience means you can trust us to help you meet your program needs. We develop and deliver systems rapidly, using modular designs to ensure they can be adapted quickly to meet new requirements. We are also experts at developing rock-solid systems for harsh environments, such as in engine bays, on hypersonic aircraft, and in the high radiation environment of Earth’s orbit.
Deploying our systems means getting an expert partner that can act as an extension of your system architect/design team to deliver a future-proof total solution with less risk of losing data and having to suffer schedule delays and financial costs.


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