Field Proven Tactical Data Link (TDL) Processing and Management Solutions

Curtiss-Wright provides a standards-based, high fidelity, software-only, multi-link, tactical data link processing engine that improves tactical communications, reduces the time, risk, and expense of TDL integration, alleviates interoperability issues, and lowers lifecycle maintenance costs for military and prime contractor customers worldwide.

A set of software applications, libraries, and databases that gives a host system the capability to exchange information between TDLs and one or more components of the host system, TCG LinkPRO®  handles the terminal control and monitoring, data link message processing, forwarding, correlation, transmission rules application, track management, etc. for the host.

TCG LinkPRO data link processing engine is leveraged throughout of other TCG data link solutions such as TCG Ground Tactical Data Link System (GTS®).

Our TCG GTS product line provides operational users an affordable, interoperable, and combat-proven battlefield TDL system with comprehensive situational awareness (SA), command and control (C2) and non-command and control (non-C2) data link capabilities.  The TCG GTS suite of products supports multiple data links today including Link 16, Link 11, SADL, Link 22, and VMF, as well as other key military communications protocols and interfaces, including JREAP-A, JREAP-C, SIMPLE, and DIS. 

Available in multiple, cost-effective configurations to allow for use in fixed command centers, mobile, deployed operations down-range, or other specific military use cases, GTS is easily customizable to meet specific architecture and information exchange requirements.  As well, it is configurable by the warfighter to meet multiple mission areas such as data link command and control engagements, border security, close air support (CAS), and situational awareness. 

Available in a variety of configurations, GTS is transportable and able to operate in either fixed facilities or forward operating locations, enabling TDL operations anywhere in the world.  GTS inherently facilitates understanding and fosters confidence, ultimately leading to the development of a skill set critical to mission accomplishment.

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