Software Defined Radio and Electronic Warfare System

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Key Features

  • Intel Core i7 or Xeon Processor
  • 28VDC Power input per MIL-STD-704
  • FPGA-based ADCs and DACs
  • Data rates to 4 Gsps
  • Phase coherency across all channels
  • Auxiliary I/O options (1553, ARINC etc.)
  • Qualified to MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461

Products included in the system

MPMC-935x Rugged 3U 5-slot Mission Computer

MPMC-935x Rugged 3U 5-slot Mission Computer

Reduce your program risk and speed your time to market with the MPMC-935x family of 3U 5-slot rugged integrated information processing system. These leading edge, flexible and rugged processing...


VPX3-530 3U VPX Virtex-7 FPGA ADC/DAC

The VPX3-530 combines multiple channel high-speed ADCs and DACs with a latest generation user programmable Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA in a range of rugged build formats for demanding applications such as...

Multi-channel clock generator

XCLK1 Multi-Channel Clock Generator

High-speed analog IO acquisition systems need a high quality master reference sample clock. Accurate synchronization in the 100MHz and up frequency domains is not easy and it’s a critical...

VPX3-1259 3U VPX Intel Core i7 Broadwell SBC

VPX3-1259 3U VPX Intel Core i7 Broadwell SBC

The VPX3-1259 from Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions is a high performance Single Board Computer (SBC) featuring the 5th Generation Intel Core i7 (Broadwell) processor. Pin-compatible with our...

PSU3-THOR 3U 28 VDC Power Supply with Embedded XMC Carriers

PSU3-THOR 3U 28 VDC Power Supply with Embedded XMC Carriers

In today’s market, customers are looking for ways to improve size, weight and power (SWaP) in their systems while keeping up with the demand for higher powered cards. Customers are also looking...

Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC)

Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC)

The Removable Memory Cartridge (RMC) is a direct attached storage device specifically designed for rugged, deployed applications. With a 100,000 insertion cycle connector, the RMC was designed to...


Using a COTS-based jump-start mission management system as a hardware starting point, a jump-start system significantly speeds and eases the development through pre-qualification, pre-integration and pre-validation of the rugged system. The system integrator customizes the system by adding the application-specific software and/or expanding the base system with additional components required for their sensors and program needs.

Many new Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Electronic Warfare (EW) systems are being deployed on small platforms requiring sophisticated capabilities, such as GigaHertz (GHz) sampling rates and FPGA-based processing to handle the data rates. The Curtiss-Wright VPX3-530 ADC/DAC meets these requirements within a compact 3U OpenVPX form factor, enabling highly effective SDR and EW implementations.

Curtiss-Wright’s mid-size SDR and EW System enables customers to select their preferred RF tuner and software applications (i.e. GNU Radio, Red Hawk or SCA). By provides up to sixteen analog inputs (12-bit up to 2 Gsps) and eight (14-bit < 2.8 Gsps output channels), the SDR and EW system is easily able to interface L-band or S-band RF frequencies. The SDR is built from COTS products. The system consists of five 3U VPX modules, one XMC module, a power supply, backplane and front panel assemblies housed in a MPMC-9354 chassis designed to operate in rugged environments.

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