Space constrained military environments such as helicopters are often the most difficult to equip due to their high I/O requirements, the extreme environment in which the equipment will be subjected, and the small space it all needs to fit. With the proliferation of "Big Data" applications that often require encryption to ensure data integrity; military vehicles require increasing on-board storage capacity with a variety of I/O, resulting in a number of large, rugged systems on-board already space constrained vehicles. Leveraging decades of interface design and size, weight and power (SWaP) optimization experience, the High Speed Recorder, 40GbE (HSR40) is an industry leading high speed sensor recorder that provides flexibility and scalability to today’s sensor applications where data is being generated at increasing rates.

With over 15 years of proven data recording and storage expertise, Curtiss-Wright has an extensive IP library and numerous hardware building blocks that enable you to reduce your program risk and improve your time to market. From the lab to your deployed system, whatever your specifications Curtiss-Wright can supply a solution for you.

Product Sheet Product Name IMAGE Form Factor I/O Type Lab or Rugged Applications Platforms
CNS4 Rugged Data Recorder Conduction-Cooled, ARINC tray mounted 8 x Serial FPDP, 4 x 1GbE Rugged Mission Recording, Flight Test Deployed Fixed Wing, Rotorcraft
HSR40 AC - 40 GbE Network Attached Storage for Lab Applications System, Air-cooled 40 GbE, GbE Lab Data Storage, Airborne Surveillance, Mission Recording Lab, Benign Environments
HSR40 CC - 40GbE Network Attached Storage for Deployable Applications System, Conduction-cooled 40 GbE, GbE Rugged Data Storage, Airborne Surveillance, Mission Recording Deployed Fixed Wing, Ground Station, Manned Fixed Wing
Flight Qualified Data Recorder and Playback System Flight Qualified Data Recorder and Playback System System Custom, Serial FPDP, MIL-STD-1553 Rugged Radar Processing, Image Processing, Flight Test, Data Recording, Airborne Surveillance Manned Fixed Wing

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