Camera Crane Stabilization Systems

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Aiming Range
Max elevation + 50˚ +
Max depression - 25˚+
Max traverse 360˚xn
Aiming mode and stabilized mode, where speed demand signals are generated via control handle
Max speed 1.2 rad/sec
Min speed ≥0.5 mrad/sec
Max acceleration at slope of <14% 1.35 rad/ sec2
Max acceleration at 46% slope 0.2 rad/ sec2 (traverse), 1.0 rad/ sec2 (elevation) 


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Gyro-stabilized, remote-controlled camera crane stabilization systems enable super-smooth and steady camera shots, even in the bumpiest environments.

Capture Fast-Action Shots in Any Environment

  • Cutting-edge stabilization technology enables steady shots at speeds up to 120 km/h and a velocity range of 0.01 to 700°/sec
  • Rugged and robust system components can handle the toughest terrain and climate conditions
  • Obstacle avoidance technology dramatically reduces the chance of collisions, even when shooting on crowded city streets

Make a Scene

Our camera crane system uses the same technology that is used to stabilize the world’s fastest trains and state-of-the-art defense platforms to fast-action movie making:

  • Eliminate shaky shots with the most advanced stabilization technology available today
  • Drive more exciting action scenes with camera crane systems that incorporate sophisticated motor controllers, gyroscopes, hand controllers, and traverse and elevation drives
  • Capture scenes that were previously not possible with rugged stabilization technology that ensures cameras remain steady at higher speeds and in more challenging conditions

Put Safety First

Protect people and systems, even during the most intense and demanding action shoots:

  • Reduce the chance of collisions with advanced obstacle avoidance technology
  • Keep electronics operating safely with over-current protection, over-temperature protection, short-circuit protection, and electromechanical interference (EMI) protection
  • Keep people out of harm’s way with remote-controlled camera crane operation

Choose a Camera Crane System That Is Built to Last

Depend on the Swiss reputation for high quality and high reliability:

  • Count on a long life cycle with systems that have been thoroughly tested according to strict processes to ensure they meet the highest quality standards
  • Minimize maintenance requirements in the field with integrated built-in test (BIT) capabilities
  • Ensure non-stop performance under any conditions with systems that have passed comprehensive Environmental Qualification Tests (EQTs)

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