VPX6-215 6U VPX Carrier Card for PMC, XMC, and IPM Modules

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Key Features

  • Provides flexible PMC, XMC, and Interface Personality Modules (IPMs) expansion capability
  • PCI Express (PCIe) backplane interface to VPX host processor cards such as Curtiss-Wright's VPX6-185 PowerPC Single Board Computer and CHAMP-AV6 Quad PowerPC DSP module
  • Provides two PMC/XMC sites and one IPM site
  • Each PMC/XMC site provides 8-lane PCIe link on Pn5 connector
  • Each PMC/XMC site provides parallel PCI-X on traditional PMC connectors
  • Each PMC/XMC site provides 64 I/O lines on Pn4 connector and 24 I/O lines on Pn6 IPM site supports IPM PCI features (i.e., 1553, SATA, SCSI...,)
  • Four PCIe links to backplane on VPX P1 core fabric connector
  • User-selectable choice of active backplane PCIe link
  • 6U VPX (.8" pitch) and VPX-REDI (.85" pitch) formats
  • LRM (Line Replaceable Module) capable
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XMC and IPM carrier card provides great flexibility to system integrators needing to expand their VPX-based systems' I/O complement via standard PMC modules and/or XMC modules. A direct PCIe connection over the VPX backplane allows host processors access to a high-performance, low latency native PCIe interface to the VPX6-215 VPX carrier card.

The PMC/XMC sites of the VPX6-215 VPX carrier card provide tremendous flexibility in the range of modules supported - from the latest generation high-performance XMC utilizing 8-lane PCIe links to older generation standard PMCs - including those that use 5V signaling. To a host processor, PMC and XMC modules on the VPX6-215 appear as if they were on the host processor. A standard 4-lane PCIe interface provides a nominal data rate of 1 GB in each direction.

The IPM site further extends the I/O expansion capability of the VPX6-215 VPX Carrier Card. Any of the IPM functions provided by PCI devices can be supported on the VPX6-215. This includes dual MIL-STD-1553 channels, SATA, and SCSI options.

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