ACR5305 3U VPX Carrier Card for PMC/XMC Modules

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Key Features

  • 3U OpenVPX Carrier Card with 1 PMC/XMC site
  • Compatible with VITA 65 module/slot profiles:
    • MOD3-PER-1F-16.3.2-2 / SLT3-PER-1F-14.3.2
    • MOD3-PAY-1D-16.2.6-1 / SLT3-PAY-1D-14.2.6
    • The board is compatible with payload profiles but has no hosting capabilities
  • Available in air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions.
  • Supports a single XMC or PMC mezzanine module
    • PMC site is PCI 3.0 compliant, 32/64-bit, 33/66MHz
    • PMC site is PCI-X 1.0b compliant, 64-bit, 66/100/133MHz
    • XMC site is PCIe Gen 2.0 and 8 lanes wide
    • 3.3V, 5V and +/1 12V provided for PMC modules via the VPX backplane
  • I/O Configuration
    • Supports front or rear panel PMC/XMC I/O
    • Rear I/O is compliant to VITA 46.9 P2w1-P64s
ACR5330 3U VPX Carrier Card

ACR5330 3U VPX Carrier Card

The ACR5330/CC is an XMC carrier card manufactured by Acromag and is one of a family of open architecture VPX modules available from Curtiss-Wright. The ACR5330/CC is intended for use with...

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The ACR5305/CC is a PMC/XMC carrier card manufactured by Acromag and is one of a family of open architecture VPX modules available from Curtiss-Wright. The ACR5305 is intended for use with Curtiss-Wright XMC-715 graphics card, XMC-651 Ethernet Switch and other mezzanine modules.

These 3U mezzanine carrier cards provide a simple and cost-effective solution for interfacing a PMC or XMC module to a VPX computer system. The carrier card routes power and bus signals to a plug-in mezzanine module through the VPX card slot connector.

These carriers are ideal for high performance industrial, defense, scientific research, and telephony systems requiring high speed I/O expansion. The ACR5305/CC is available in two versions: air-cooled and conduction-cooled.

Backplane Fabric Ports
The ACR5305/CC connects to other cards via an 8-lane Gen1 or Gen2 PCIe port through the VITA 46.9 P1 connector. All PCIe ports go through a PLX PCIe switch.

OpenVPX Carrier Interface
The ACR5305/CC is compatible with the following VITA 65 module/slot profiles:

  • MOD3-PER-1F-16.3.2-2/SLT3-PER-1F-14.3.2
  • MOD3-PAY-1D-16.2.6-11/SLT3-PAY-1D-14.2.6

The ACR5305/CC is equipped with one mezzanine site capable of supporting an IEEE 1386 PMC or a VITA 42.3 XMC module. The XMC site is connected to the PCIe switch through an 8-lane PCIe host interface on the P2 connector. The PMC is connected via a dedicated 4-lane port from the PCIe switch through PCIe to the PCI-X bridge.

The mezzanine site I/O complies with VITA 46.9 P2w1-P64s with the 64 signals of PMC I/O from Pn4 routed to the VPX P2 as 32 differential pairs. The XMC Pn6 connector is not populated.

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