VPX6-684 6U VPX 24x 1GbE and 4x 10GbE Managed Ethernet Switch and Router

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  • Fully managed, intelligent multi-layer (layer2/3) gigabit Ethernet switch in a 6U VPX form factor
  • Complies to OpenVPX switch profile: SLT6-SWH-4F24T
  • Complete range of convection and conduction cooled formats (IEEE 1101.1 and IEEE 1102.1) with shock and vibration support
  • Up to 24 x 1GbE (10/100/1000 Mbps) auto-negotiating copper interfaces (4 of the ports can be optical)
  • Up to 4 x 10GbE (10 Gbps) XAUI interfaces
  • Transient voltage suppressors on each GbE port to protect from electrostatic discharge (ESD), cable discharge events (CDE), lightening and other induced voltage surges
  • Wirespeed performance for all packet sizes at layer 2 or layer 3 including jumbo packets
  • EIA232 out of band serial management and 100Base-T debug port
  • Ideal for architecting IPv4, IPv4/v6, or pure IPv6 transformational network architecture with support for intelligent routing
  • Flexible network management, monitoring, and configuration capability via CLI, Telnet, Web, and SNMP interfaces
  • Supports latest switching/routing features for layer 2 switching; layer 2 multicasting; VLANs; Spanning Tree (Rapid and Multiple); link aggregation; port mirroring; CoS/QoS features; layer 3 IPv4/v6 routing; tunneling; IP Multicasting
  • Ubiquitous security including Secure Memory Erase; user authentication; port based security; protocol-based security; broadcast storm control; secure sockets layer (SSL); secure shell (SSH); stateless firewall capability; flexible Access Control Lists (ACLs); Network Address Translation (NAT) and Multi-cast NAT
  • Extensive Built in Test (BIT) capability including Power up BIT, Initiated BIT and Continuous BIT.
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Curtiss-Wright's VPX6-684 FireBlade provides Systems Integrators with a fast, secure and unified approach to interconnect subsystems, chassis, cards, and compute nodes within any given platform using 1 or 10 Gigabit Ethernet links. Providing up to 24 wirespeed 10/100/1000 Mbps interfaces and up to four 10 Gbps interfaces in a single 6U VPX slot, the VPX6-684 Ethernet Switch is ideal for architecting system-wide Intra-Platform Networks (IPNs). The VPX6-684 VPX Gigabit Ethernet Switch comes with a powerful set of management interfaces and complete Layer 2/3 software with dual IPv4/v6 support for building secure, high performance networks.

The VPX6-684 FireBlade can also be configured as a Unified Threat Management (UTM) router that is capable of strong perimeter defense through an ICSA certified firewall. This is achieved with the PMC-110 CryptoNet.

Managed versions of the VPX6-684 VPX Gigabit Ethernet Router provide extensive pre-integrated software that runs on its processor. Major software components include the full suite of Layer 2/3 software protocols required for intelligent switching and routing of IP packets. Curtiss-Wright also provides extra software features such as declassification, and Built-in Tests (BIT).

For building networks in the lab environment, Curtiss-Wright provides a VPX6-684 FireBlade RTM that plugs into the backside of the VME64x backplane and provides up to 24-ports of RJ45 connectors, one 10/100 deug port, two EIA-232 serial interfaces and 4-ports of 10 GbE.

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