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Curtiss-Wright Releases Enhanced/Expanded Version of its Continuum Vector Signal Processing Subroutine Library

June 30, 2009 | BY: John Wranovics

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New Version of Continuum Vector Eases and/Speeds the Programming of Radar/Signal Processing Applications

LEESBURG, VA - June 30, 2009 -- Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) VME, VPX, VXS and CompactPCI products for the defense and aerospace market, has announced an enhanced, updated version of Continuum Vector its comprehensive software subroutine library that speeds and eases the development of embedded signal processing systems. Curtiss-Wright Controls has added over 120 new functions to the latest version of Continuum Vector, and optimized the performance of over 20 earlier, commonly used functions. Continuum Vector, in addition to supporting Power Architecture AltiVec vector units, now also supports PC-based C-callable libraries, enabling developers to generate algorithms on a PC environment before target hardware becomes available, to significantly reduce development time and speed time to market.

"Continuum Vector is a powerful tool that significantly increases the productivity of system integrators building and developing demanding signal processing applications,"said Lynn Patterson, vice president and general manager of Curtiss-Wright Controls Modular Solutions group. "This latest release of Continuum Vector boosts the flexibility of the library with a far greater number of functions, improves function performance and expands support for PC-based lab pre-deployment system development. It can improve the performance of customers' existing applications while providing more functionality to support additional algorithm development."

Designed for use in aerospace and defense signal processing applications such as radar, sonar, and SIGINT, the Continuum Vector library provides a rich set of signal processing subroutine building blocks. Optimized to exploit the performance of the AltiVec 128-bit vector execution unit in the Power® Architecture 74xx and 864x family of microprocessors, the new version of Continuum Vector also now supports a non-Altivec optimized C-callable library with an equivalent API to the AltiVec optimized library.

The Continuum Vector library enables algorithm developers to work with high-level signal-processing functions instead of complicated low-level programming. Continuum Vector is supported on all of Curtiss-Wright Controls' Power Architecture (PowerPC) processor VME and VPX single board computers and signal processing engines, including the CHAMP Quad PowerPC boards, 3U and 6U Power® Architecture based SBCs, and our family of Power® Architecture equipped 3U and 6U FPGA boards.

The Continuum Vector Library provides Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which are compatible with other popular board vendor function library APIs. It also supports the industry standard Vector Signal Image Processing (VSIPL) interface API's as well as the Continuum Vector API.

Continuum Vector Features:

  • Signal Processing Library
  • Optimized for PowerPC with AltiVec
  • Supports PC-based C-callable libraries
  • Industry-standard APIs and open- standard APIs including VSIPL
  • Single and double precision
  • Supported on Curtiss-Wright Controls Power® Architecture products
  • VxWorks, Linux, INTEGRITY support

Performance benchmarking reports are available. Please contact the factory for more information.

Continuum Vector is priced at $6,000.00. per project per site. 


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John Wranovics

Director of Public Relations

John Wranovics has over thirty years experience in the management of media relations and the promotion of high technology products. He has been with Curtiss-Wright since 2003. He has a degree in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley.

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