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Using Frameworks in Machine Learning

August 13, 2019

This column will focus on frameworks that work with NVIDIA’s TensorRT, a tool for deploying high-­performance deep neural networks.

Military Embedded Systems Magazine

Cool World: A Tour of Thermal-management Approaches for Rugged Computer Systems

August 13, 2019

The design of rugged mission-critical computer systems must consider thermal management as a system-level issue.

Military Embedded Systems Magazine

Trusted computing and the challenges of cryptographic algorithms in quantum computing

July 24, 2019

Quantum computing processes an algorithm by configuring quantum gates and initializing the qubits. Taking a measurement resolves the quantum states.

Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine

OEMs Seek Greater Capabilities, Longer Life For Radar Technologies

July 11, 2019

OEMs are reacting to customer demand by pushing radar technology toward a more user-friendly experience


Trusted computing can depend on asymmetric cryptography algorithms to assure the integrity of protected data

June 26, 2019

Asymmetric algorithms enable systems designers to pair keys to facilitate more novel cryptographic operations than traditional symmetric algorithms.

Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine

Your flying taxi is here

June 24, 2019

Thanks to parallel advancements in battery technology and autonomous vehicles resulting from Tesla and other pioneering electric automobile manufacturers, we are rapidly approaching the era of the unmanned flying taxi.

Military Embedded Systems

Today’s spacecraft and satellite requirements giving COTS a fresh look

June 24, 2019

The fast growth of small satellites and their lower life cycle and launch costs has created a sizable market for low-cost electronic components that have radiation-resistant characteristics.

Military Embedded Systems

Eyes in the Sky: HD Ethernet Cameras Take Flight Test Imagery to New Heights

June 01, 2019

There is increasing demand for high-quality High Definition video for airborne applications such as Flight Test Instrumentation.

Aerospace & Defense Technology

Cryptography is crucial for effective security in trusted computing: introduction to symmetric algorithms

May 29, 2019

Systems designers must employ the correct cryptography algorithms in their proper modes to secure secret or sensitive data in military trusted computing.

Military & Aerospace Electronics

New developments in aviation cybersecurity and next-generation crash recorders

May 17, 2019

Paul Hart discusses the latest EASA regulations for cybersecurity and DO-326A Airworthiness Security Process Specifications.


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